Transforming Trucking

shifting the paradigm | with local relationships | at enterprise scale
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Transforming Trucking

Own your future!  Bypass the traditional freight broker and save.
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Transforming Trucking

Changing the relationship between small carriers and shippers.
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We’re not selling transportation, we’re selling RESULTS,

that impact our customers by:

Saving them Money when Shipping

Making them More Margin when Hauling

and Building Relationships that create VALUE

Our solutions for value creation

Fleet Services

More margin. More family time. More value

Tune up your trucking business for growth, improve margin, and boost your unique BRAND.  Join FleetVision where you gain the purchasing economies of scale, Brand awareness, and ability to compete on a level playing field.

Realize true independence.  Realize your potential.

Freight Marketplace

More capacity. More services. More value.

The meeting place where shipper-carrier connections are made, a value is assured and savings are Guaranteed!  We are the only dynamic digital freight matching DFM provider focused on the optimal real-time capacity solution, not the buy-sell spread.

Transactional.  Transparent.  Trustworthy.

Shipper Services

More choice. More transparency. More value.

We deliver whether you ship one mode around the block or multiple modes around the world.  Enterprise logistics made simple, seamless and cost effective.

Your source for connected supply chain solutions

Group Purchasing Power

Drive Down Cost

A group purchasing organization (GPO) dedicated to helping small fleets save money on fleet expenses.  Join us today, and gain access to our Endorsed Suppliers and save.  Your membership is completely FREE.

Become a Supplier Partner

Expand you brand

If you’re looking to expand your brand while lowering your customer acquisition cost and cost of goods sold, we’re looking for high-quality partners to join our journey and reshape the small trucking community.

About Us

Carriergistics was created to provide small carriers the infrastructure and scale they need to compete head-to-head with the large national carriers, without giving up their unique brand identity in the market.

Our Mission

Connect customers with the knowledge, solutions, and expertise that delivers accelerated margin improvements.

Our strategic aspirations

To transform trucking and enrich the lives and businesses of all those who come in contact with us forever.

Knocking down the barriers that impede margin expansion for our customers.
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